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Detour 2012
International Competition


Á Annan Veg
(Either Way)
by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson
Fiction, Islanda, RED, 2011, 83′
The summer of Finnbogi and Alfred, employees of the Icelandic road administration at work on solitary roads in the deep North of Iceland. In total solitude, apart from their mutual company, that barren wild region becomes a place of adventure and discovery and they each face difficult crossroads of their life.


by Armin Linke
Doc., Germania, 16mm, 2011, 60′
Alpi is the result of seven years of research by artist Armin Linke on the perception of the Alpine landscape in contemporary world; juxtaposing places and situations, crossing borders and taking several trips to the Alpine region the film takes us very far, so far as Dubai.


by Mathieu Demy
Fiction, Francia, Super 16mm, 2011, 105′
The director will be present.
Martin lives in Paris with Claire. When he loses his mother, Martin must return to Los Angeles, the city where he grew up. Once there, images from his childhood resurface and disturb him. Martin can’t face it and takes off to Tijuana on the trail of Lola, mysterious Mexican woman who held a special place in his mother’s life. Directing debut of Mathieu Demy’s – who takes after parents Agnès Varda and Jacques Demy -, with an exceptional cast counting, in addition to Demy, Salma Hayek, Geraldine Chaplin and Chiara Mastroianni.


Argentyńska lekcja
(The Argentinian Lesson)
by Wojciech Staron
Doc., Polonia, 35mm, 2011, 60′
Janek, 8 years old, moves from Warsaw to a small village in the North of Argentina, where his mother will teach Polish language and culture. Surrounded by a new world, he befriends a local girl, Marcia, and starts with her a journey of discovery and growth that will mark their lives.


by Konstantin Bojanov
Fiction, Bulgaria, 35mm, 2011, 81′
While hitchhiking from Sofia to Ruse, Kamen meets Avé, a 17-year-old runaway girl. With each ride they hitch, Avé invents new identities for them, and her compulsive lies get Kamen deeper and deeper into trouble. Reluctantly drawn into this adventure, Kamen begins to fall in love with the fleeting and fascinating Avé.


Behold the Lamb
by John McIlduff
Fiction, UK, S16mm, 2011, 83′
This dark comedy, unusual road movie, follows Liz and Eddie, twenty-year-old girl and her boyfriend’s depressed father. Two opposite characters, whose lives would never have met if it hadn’t been for necessary yet unlikely reasons: Liz wants to see her son who is growing in a foster family, while Eddie must deliver a haul of drugs on behalf of his son. The fellow travellers set off on a cathartic journey through freezing Ireland.


Las Acacias
by Pablo Giorgelli
Fiction, Argentina, DCP/35mm, 2011, 74′
Rubén is a truck driver who for years has transported timber between Asunción, in Paraguay, and Buenos Aires. One day he picks up a young woman he doesn’t know, Jacinta, and her baby daughter. In front of them are 1500 kilometres and the beginning of a story.


Riding for Jesus
by Sabrina Varani
Doc., Italia, HDV, 2011, 55′
Pastor Paulee and Annalisa are Christian bikers, devoting their life to anyone needing help. They left behind a difficult past of drugs addiction becoming fervent worshippers of Jesus in the saddle of their roaring Harley Davidson. They carry on their mission and provide spiritual support to those in trouble, all over US.


by Nikos Dayandas
Doc., Grecia, HD, 2011, 56′
Sayome was raised by her grandfather in a little village in Japan. At the age of 22, she followed a Greek sailor all the way to Crete. Now, thirty-five years later, she goes back to Japan after she learns about her mother’s death. The film follows her in her journey back to the past she left behind.


by Óscar Godoy
Fiction, Cile, Super 16mm, 2011, 84′
The story of Julio, a Peruvian immigrant in Chile, of his solitary wanders on the roads of Santiago to find a job, a place where to live, a girl, to find his place in the city without losing his origins and loved ones.


Un Mundo Secreto
(A secret world)
by Gabriel Mariño
Fiction, Messico, HD, 2012, 87′
Her last day of school María, an eighteen-year-old girl with a difficult relationship with her parents, fellow teens and home-town, sets off on a journey on the road that will lead from Mexico City to the Sinaloa desert and La Paz. Initiation journey through immense and marvellous landscapes.


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