Film induced tourism


Tourist destination promotion has been based, not only in Italy, on traditional marketing tools – from media advertisement to catalogues and brochures through trade fairs – whose costs have often been too high and not effective enough in balancing investments and results. Nowadays, for public institutions, as well as many private, it has become impossible to destine great sums of money to the realization of rich and articulate communication campaigns; it is therefore necessary to find less expensive solutions, the potentiality of which are partly still to be explored and expressed. If first thought in these cases is an online platform and everything it allows to develop and launch, other areas of action should not be left out as they could carry significant results. Film induced tourism, i.e. that form of holiday and visiting a territory which triggers from the stimuli to travel a spectator feels while watching a movie at the cinema or television, is a channel that must be exploited by planning and managing initiatives with the aim of producing and distributing films set in this territory, as a source of promotion of the latter. Even in a period of contracted possibilities in expenses and investments, a careful comprehension of the virtuous circle that can be generated among cinema, tourism and territory may conduct us to activate promotions capable of ensuring a satisfying cost-benefit relationship.





Francesco Di Cesare | President of Risposte Turismo srl



Maria Teresa De Gregorio | Director Culture and Entertainment Activities Project Unit Regione Veneto

Maria Teresa Favia | Fund Raiser Fandango

Anna Olivucci | Vice President Associazione IFC and Marche Film Commission

Paolo Paterni | Director Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina



Stefan Marchioro | Director of Tourism Padova Terme Euganee

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Francesco Di Cesare | risposte turismo srl



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