The winners of Detour Film Festival


The award for Best Film in Competition went to Argentinian Lesson by Wojciech Staron, for its sophisticated capability of expressing migration cinema and its touchingly natural young characters, both physical and inner formation journey on the fickle border between documentary and feature film.




Special Jury Award and Audience Award both went to Sabrina Varani’s Riding for Jesus, a film that takes us in an earnest and grotesque America seeking salvation. Two lost lives who find redemption. A strong and unexpected final revelation. A personal recount of the surprising world of US bikers.  



A Special Mention was given to Alpi by Armin Linke, for its being a visual experience at the same time uncanny and magnetic, for its capability of creating a journey over a geographical idea: Alpine mountain landscapes become a trans-National, trans-linguistic, fluid journey led with the power of refined observational cinema.


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