The bookstore laformadelibro participates in Detour. International Travel Film Festival by making some books related to cinema and to journeys available during the days of the festival, which you’ll find at Detour’s info desk.

A way of drawing cinema close to travelling through literature.




Tuesday 16th October | 4 pm

Feltrinelli Padua

Mauro Buffa presents Sulla Transmongolica

The train is green, with a sign stating in Cyrillic and Chinese letters the city of departure, Moscow, and that of arrival, Peking. In between, there’s a wild world, those extreme regions recounted by explorers and pionieers, vast and enigmatic lands, on the edge of dream. The train is a long bridge that runs through Siberian taiga, Mongolian steppe, Gobi desert, crossing the remote borders between Gengis Khan’s regions and the world’s most densely populated country, China. From an almost unaltered civilization to a hi-tech dimension. The train is a moving home, housing extravagant passengers and shadows of the past. Mauro Buffa tells us of this unusual train journey (plus his digression in Mongolia, off the train) during which he met post-soviet Russians, chilly babushkas, nomadic farmers masters of essentiality; he drank vodka toasts with occasional fellow travellers, he received hospitality in the ghers, eating mutton meat and drinking salty tea, mesmerized by the infinite space man has still to contaminate.




Friday 19th October | 6 pm

Pangea Francesco

Francesca Brignone presents I giardini dell’isola di Pantelleria

The Pantellerian Garden was born from the need to plant trees in a difficult climate, mainly citrus trees that served islanders and sailors against scurvy.
The book analyzes the structure of the pantellerian garden by documenting construction techniques which took care of the action of the wind, sun exposure, rain water and water coming from lands nearby.



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