Padova incontra il cinema

An evening to meet Paduan film industry professionals


Sunday October 21, 19:00 | Cinema PORTOastra



An evening to meet Paduan film industry professionals If cinema is a passion, there’s no doubt a city can express it. Padua has always been keen on the seventh art, with dedicated prestigious university courses, cineclubs and cineforums, lively business, small and grand festivals, and the geographical closeness to Venice has surely facilitated a relationship of affection with the lagoon’s Film Festival. It is not by chance that Padua gave birth to several generations of professionals, who have made cinema their occupation, either living in the city or moving to Milan and Rome.

This event, wanted by the Townhall of Padua, wants to re-unite all these professionals for the first time in an open meeting, in order to introduce to the public artists and technicians who in different ways and roles contribute every day to the magic of cinema.

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