“Journeys, those magic caskets full of dream like promises” Claude Lévi Strauss.

Detour Travel Film Festival will take place in Padova from 16th to 19th October2014.

To talk of cinema is to talk of a journey. Films recount solo or group journeys, taken for many reasons: leisure, necessity, thirst for knowledge, escape, curiosity; they can convey either pleasure and happiness or pain and frustration.

Films take us on a journey, allow us to travel across places and live incredible situations, offer us the chance to challenge ourselves and others, sometimes exploring our own rational limits. A journey is experience.

Detour tackles every language, from full-length fiction to documentary, with a double focus both on Italian and foreign last-season works that have not been distributed in Italy. Building a festival is always a journey, complex and fascinating, made up mostly of good fellow adventurers.

Detour Travel Film Festival is organized by fondazione march.

fondazione march supports contemporary art and culture by designing cultural and creative formats in collaboration with artists of the world’s Art circuit.

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