The Stone River

by Giovanni Donfrancesco

An old sculptor wanders in the cemetery of Hope around the tombs of the stone workers who came to Vermont at the beginning of the Twentieth Century to work into the biggest granite pits of the world. A metaphysical travel into the American province. where people give voice to the ghosts of their ancestors.


by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky

Watermark shows the everlasting effort of human beings to control water and the often unmanageable reaction of nature. A powerful and spectacular display of the relationship between environment and the human element.

Cherry Pie

by Lorenz Merz

Zoé tries to run away from herself and from the mistakes that marked her past by leaving dull landscapes behind, crowded by people indifferent to the suffering of the others.

Gare du Nord

by Claire Simon

Gare du Nord is a station of Paris Underground, a world apart frequented by French, immigrants, migrants. travelllers and ghosts. A crossing of stories and people where every life goes fast and vanishes. Among thousands of lives crossing, Ismaël, Mathilde, Sacha and Joan will meet here.

El Rayo

by Fran Araújo, Ernesto de Nova

After thirteen years in Spain, Hassan can’t find a job anymore and decides to go back to his homeland. He invests all of his savings into a second-hand tractor and with it he starts his travel to Morocco.


by Boris Lojkine

In the deep Sahara desert, while trying to reach Europe, Léonard, a young man from Cameroon, saves Hope, a Nigerian woman. In world fiercely hostile, the two young souls try to find their way to a future together where they can love each other.

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales

by Jasmila Žbanić

Kym is on holidays in Bosnia-Herzegovina when she reaches Višegrad, a town on the border with Serbia. Here she will find out what happened during the years of the civil war and from that moment on her life won’t be the same anymore.

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