Tuesday 14

Fiat Lux. Gaetano Martino e la cineteca lucana

Ore 18.00 Cinema Multiastra

The huge work of collection and conservation by Gaetano Martino, lover of the seventh art and curator of a collection envied all over the world. Fiat Lux tells us of uncountable objects, places and people through which we can study the history of Italian cinema in a totally new way.

Io sto con la sposa

Ore 21.00 Cinema Multiastra

In Milan, a poet and a journalist meet five Palestinian and Syrian people who landed in Lampedusa and are escaping from war. In order to help them continue their journey towards Sweden, they stage a fake wedding.

Dissòi Lògoi Concert

Ore 22.30 Cinema Multiastra

Founded by Alberto Morelli and Franco Parravicini, Dissòi Lògoi is a multi-ethnic project with collaborations with musicians from different geographical areas. They played with Moni Ovadia, Piero Milesei, Faisal Taher, Amelia Cuni and Eric Wood. Authors of the soundtrack of the film Io sto con la sposa.

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