Detour a Rovigo

The Stone River

Ore 18.00 Multisala Cinergia

An old sculptor wanders in the cemetery of Hope around the tombs of the stone workers who came to Vermont at the beginning of the Twentieth Century to work into the biggest granite pits of the world. A metaphysical travel into the American province. where people give voice to the ghosts of their ancestors.


Ore 20.00 Multisala Cinergia

Watermark shows the everlasting effort of human beings to control water and the often unmanageable reaction of nature. A powerful and spectacular display of the relationship between environment and the human element.

Take Shelter

Ore 22.00 Multisala Cinergia

A quiet husband and father begins to have visions of terrible storms. Increasingly obsessed by these dark threats, Curtis decides to build an anti-hurricane shelter.

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