Sabato 18

Travel Carnet

Ore 9.00-13.00 Spazio Detour

Accompanied by a renowned master of the genre as Stefano Favarelli, workshop participants will draw and write the adventure of travel.

The Stone River

Ore 14.30 Cinema PORTOastra

An old sculptor wanders in the cemetery of Hope around the tombs of the stone workers who came to Vermont at the beginning of the Twentieth Century to work into the biggest granite pits of the world. A metaphysical travel into the American province. where people give voice to the ghosts of their ancestors.

Shotgun Stories

Ore 16.15 Cinema PORTOastra

Following the death of the father, a bloody feud erupts between the three sons he had from the first wife, who knew him just as a violent alcoholic, and the four sons of the new family, to whom he represented a role model instead.

American Wanderlust

Ore 17.00 Libreria PANGEA

A photographic exhibition by Giulia Fassina. A journey of 20.000 km through contemporary America following the suggestions of great poets and writes who described it.


Ore 18.00 Cinema PORTOastra

Musician Gilberto Gil leaves for his tour through the southern hemisphere of the planet – from the aboriginal territories of Australia and Amazonia, passing through Bahia and cities of South Africa – promoting cultural diversity in the globalized world using the power of his music.

Happy Hour and DJ Set

Ore 19.30 Spazio Detour

The pre-evening appointment of Detour’s audience, accompanied by Idga’s DJ set.

El Rayo

Ore 20.30 Cinema PORTOastra

After thirteen years in Spain, Hassan can’t find a job anymore and decides to go back to his homeland. He invests all of his savings into a second-hand tractor and with it he starts his travel to Morocco.


Ore 22.30 Cinema PORTOastra

In the deep Sahara desert, while trying to reach Europe, Léonard, a young man from Cameroon, saves Hope, a Nigerian woman. In world fiercely hostile, the two young souls try to find their way to a future together where they can love each other.

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