Domenica 19

Interview with Agostino Ferrente

Ore 17.00 Spazio Detour

Q&A with Agostino Ferrente, director of the movie Le cose belle.

Let’s Travel In Stop Motion!

Ore 10.00-13.00 Spazio Detour

Workshop of stop motion animation exploring travel and the means to travel. Held by director Francesca Ferrario. Suitable for 8-year-olds and over.


Ore 11.00 Cinema PORTOastra

Two fourteen-year-olds meet Mud, a fugitive who grew up in their same area. Mud is chased by some people who want to kill him and at the same time he deams to reunite with his beloved Juniper. The two boys decide to help him.


Ore 14.30 Cinema PORTOastra

Watermark shows the everlasting effort of human beings to control water and the often unmanageable reaction of nature. A powerful and spectacular display of the relationship between environment and the human element.

Au fil d’Ariane

Ore 16.15 Cinema PORTOastra

Alone on her birthday, Ariane decides to leave for the big city leaving the quite suburb where she lives in order to face the unknown.

Le cose belle

Ore 18.00 Cinema PORTOastra

Four lives in Naples: back in 1999 and in the paralyzed city of today. The effort of growing up through the eyes of four Neapolitan young people: four points of view full of sadness, irony, naivety, fragility, cynism, fear and beauty.

Award Ceremony

Ore 20.30 Cinema PORTOastra

Official Awards Ceremony. It will be followed by a toast at Spazio Detour.

Take Shelter

Ore 21.30 Cinema PORTOastra

A quiet husband and father begins to have visions of terrible storms. Increasingly obsessed by these dark threats, Curtis decides to build an anti-hurricane shelter.

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