by Jeff Nichols

Ellis and Neckbone, 14 years old, during one of their daytrips find a refugee on island in the middle of Mississippi. It’s Mud: one tooth missing, a snake tattooed on his arm, a rifle and a lucky shirt. Mud is also a man who believes in love, something that Ellis desperately needs to approach to try to forget the daily tensions between his parents. Mud involves the two adolescents in the repair of a boat that will allow him to leave the island. But it’s hard for the boys to discern truth from falsehood in Mud’s words. Did he really kill a man? Is he really chased by police though some bounty hunters? And who’s this mysterious girl that has just landed in their small town in Arkansas?


«Mississippi is a nice reading topic. It isn’t an ordinary river. It’s instead extraordinary in every way.» (Mark Twain)

Filming on the banks of Mississippi allowed me, as to Mark Twain, to feel all its vitality. The river deeply marked my movie, being the visual and thematic centre of this story. My previous films are very calm, almost still, as their characters. I wanted this film and its characters to be moving as the river. The main characters go through a time of change and I wanted the camera to stay on the their trail in this phase of their life. Love is a prickly issue. Probably banal and each time extraordinary.
Jeff Nichols

Colour, 2012, 130 min.
Original Language: English

A Film by
Jeff Nichols
Jeff Nichols
Adam Stone
Julie Monroe
David Wingo
Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Sam Shepard, Jacob Lofland, Reese Witherspoon, Michael Shannon
Brace Cove Productions, Filmnation Entertainment, Lionsgate, Everest Entertainment

Sunday 19 October – at 11.00
Sala Fronte del Porto – PORTOastra

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