Sunday 18 October// 2pm-6pm // Spazio Detour

traveling alone, is not like going on holidays: it is a useful moment to listen to yourself, to go beyond what your family, friends or social network have always thought of you! Travel Coaching is a process that turns the journey into a moment of growth and development, a moment where you learn how to enhance your resources in order to make them tools for reaching your goals. The workshop is composed of both a psychological part on the travel coaching model, and a practical one about the journey, during which we will illustrate a series of platforms and strategies to save money during the trip. Participants will learn how to organize your budget and your itinerary and to fill up the backpack efficiently.


Francesca Di Pietro is Travel Psychologist & Coach, Social Psychologist, travller and author of the book Viaggiare da soli: Manuale di Travel Coaching. In 2012 she launched the website, dedicated to those who love travelling solo or would love to start doing it. She structured a path of Travel Coaching to build a moment of personal growth around the journey. With Matteo Pennacchi, she’s responsible of the Travel Massive Roma, the greatest world tourism meetup, and of TBnet, the first network of Italian travel bloggers.


Participation is free and booking is mandatory. To book please send an email to





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