A Hijacking


by Tobias Lindholm

Danish cargo ship MV Rozen, with seven seamen, is captured by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. From the shipping company’s headquarters, the CEO is thrown into a psychological game in his efforts to bring the seamen back home safely, while negotiating the lowest possible ransom.

Tanta Agua

(So Much Water)

by Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge

Alberto, divorced father, decides to take his children Lucía and Federico on holiday at the hot springs. But due to bad weather all pools are closed and their room has no TV. Three days of difficult house-sharing, marked by unlikely daytrips and short-lived romance.

Welcome to Argentina

(Mariage à Mendoza)

by Edouard Deluc

Italian Premiere
Marcus and his brother Antoine head to Argentina for their cousin’s wedding. Marcus is thrilled to be on the road and determined to have fun, while Antoine is depressed after being dumped by his wife. Across Argentinian valleys and vineyards they make unlikely encounters and have unexpected revelations.

Poor Folk

(Qiong Ren, Liu Lian, Ma Yao, Tou Du Ke)

by Midi Z

Italian Premiere
A-Hong and his sister clandestinely cross the borders of Myanmar to reach Thailand. The girl falls into the hands of human traffickers while A-Hong, in the attempt to earn enough money to buy his sister free, rips off Chinese tourists and sells amphetamines to dangerous gangsters. Unusual gangster story where everything revolves around money.

Ruta de la Luna

(Route of the Moon)

by Juan Sebastián Jácome

Introverted Tito has to travel a thousand kilometres across Central America to participate in a Bowling Tournament. His ill and stubborn father insists to go with him, the first time in decades. During their trip, they’ll go through the reasons they remained apart for so long.

Libri e nuvole

(Books and Clouds)

by Pier Paolo Giarolo

In a lost village in the Peruvian Andes, a young girl has been waiting for days for a librarian who walks all the way up carrying the books on her shoulders, with just mountains, sky and clouds around her. Rural Libraries in Peru are made up of a few dozen books that, once read, are exchanged for others between communities. Books walk as people walk.

The Forgotten Kingdom

by Andrew Mudge

Italian Premiere
Atang leaves Johannesburg to return to the remote mountainous village where he was born and where he now must bury his father. There he meets his childhood friend, Dineo, now a radiant young school teacher. Through her, Atang rediscovers the mystical beauty and hardships of the people and land he had forgotten.

Mobile Home

by François Pirot

After breaking up with his girlfriend and quitting his job, Simon goes back to his small hometown in the countryside, where he meets up with his old friend Julien. Together they decide to hit the road for an adventurous journey. They buy a huge motorhome, but the trip is delayed by various troubles. On the spot, their motionless trip is nonetheless full of discoveries.

Little World

(Món Petit)

by Marcel Barrena

Albert is nineteen years old and has moved in a wheelchair since he was a child. This hasn’t prevented him from making his dream come true: to travel around the world, without money, without companions, without luggage. He now wants to reach exactly the other side of the planet…

Rendez-Vous à Kiruna

(Rendez-Vous in Kiruna)

by Anna Novion

Italian Premiere
A phone call from the Swedish police convinces Ernest, a successful French architect, to undergo a long trip to Kirun, Sweden. He must identify the body of his own son, whom he has never met nor desired to meet. His convictions will eventually be shaken after his encounter with young Magnus, who will confront Ernest to an unknown part of him.

Hiver nomade

(Winter Nomads)

by Manuel Von Stürler

Carole and Pascal embark on their long winter transhumance: four months during which they will have to cover 600 km in the Swiss-French region, accompanied by three donkeys, four dogs and some eight hundred sheep, braving the cold and the bad weather. An odyssey through a region undergoing profound changes.