Journey to Italy

Viaggio in Italia

(Journey to Italy)

by Roberto Rossellini

While travelling in the South of Italy, an English couple (George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman) rediscovers communication and mutual comprehension, to finally contrast boredom and solitude.

Il mio Paese

(My Country)

by Daniele Vicari

Starting from Joris Ivens’s 1959 documentary reportage, Italy is Not a Poor Country, Vicari travelled throughout Italy again, from Gela to Marghera, in a period of great crisis. From the director of Diaz and La nave dolce (The Sweet Ship). David di Donatello for Best Documentary in 2007.

Summer 82 when Zappa came to Sicily

by Salvo Cuccia

Two parallel journeys in the summer of 1982: on one side, Frank Zappa travelling through Italy for his unforgettable tour closing with a concert in Palermo; on the other, young director Salvo Cuccia, who at the time was serving his military service in Aviano and who, with his father, tried to return to native Palermo to attend to his idol’s last concert.


by Costanza Quatriglio

Born in 1899, Sicilian illiterate Vincenzo Rabito recounts Italian twentieth century history through thousands of type-written, rope-bound pages. A journey through Italian history. The film was awarded the Nastro d’Argento for Best Documentary in 2012.

Con il fiato sospeso

(Holding my Breath)

by Costanza Quatriglio

Stella (Alba Rohrwacher) is studying for her university degree in pharmacology. Writing her thesis, she realizes that there is something strange going on in the chemistry lab. Working conditions are unhealthy, people start to fall ill. The film is inspired by a true story.