Wednesday October 16

Tanta Agua

Ore 15.30 | Cinema PORTOastra | Film in concorso

Alberto, divorced father, decides to take his children Lucía and Federico on holiday at the hot springs. But due to bad weather all pools are closed and their room has no TV. Three days of difficult house-sharing, marked by unlikely daytrips and short-lived romance.

The Darjeeling Limited

Ore 17.30 | Cinema PORTOastra | Omaggio all'autore

Hotel Chevalier will open the movie screening.
The Whitman brothers – Francis, Peter, and Jack – find each other in India on a special train, the Darjeeling Limited. Final destination of the journey, which Francis organized and promoted as a spiritual adventure of brotherly reunion, is in fact a convent  at the foot of the Himalaya’s where their mother seems to live.

Viaggio in Italia

Ore 20.00 | Cinema PORTOastra | Viaggio in Italia

While travelling in the South of Italy, an English couple (George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman) rediscovers communication and mutual comprehension, to finally contrast boredom and solitude.

Welcome to Argentina

Ore 22.15 | Cinema PORTOastra | Film in concorso

Italian Premiere
Marcus and his brother Antoine head to Argentina for their cousin’s wedding. Marcus is thrilled to be on the road and determined to have fun, while Antoine is depressed after being dumped by his wife. Across Argentinian valleys and vineyards they make unlikely encounters and have unexpected revelations.