Saturday October 19

Travel Carnet

Ore 9.30/13.30 | Spazio Detour | Workshop

Armed of notebook, pens and watercolours, enrollees will tell through drawing and writing their adventure of wonder and marvel, guided by an undiscussed master of this genre: Stefano Faravelli, painter, philosopher, orientalist and beloved author of carnets de voyage.

Travel Writing

Ore 14.30/18.30 | SuperFlash Store Padova | Workshop

Travel writing is one efficient way of understanding and telling the places you visited. A workshop to learn how to narrate one’s own journey, from novel to reportage, with Guido Bosticco, traveller, writer and Professor in Creative Writing at the Università di Pavia.

Little World

Ore 14.00 | Cinema PORTOastra | Film in concorso

Albert is nineteen years old and has moved in a wheelchair since he was a child. This hasn’t prevented him from making his dream come true: to travel around the world, without money, without companions, without luggage. He now wants to reach exactly the other side of the planet…

La jaula de oro

Ore 15.45 | Cinema PORTOastra | Evento speciale

Guatemalan teenagers Juan, Sara and Samuel travel through Mexico to reach the States as clandestines. A long dangerous journey, takes them into a harsh reality.

Summer 82 when Zappa came to Sicily

Ore 17.45 | Cinema PORTOastra | Viaggio in Italia

Two parallel journeys in the summer of 1982: on one side, Frank Zappa travelling through Italy for his unforgettable tour closing with a concert in Palermo; on the other, young director Salvo Cuccia, who at the time was serving his military service in Aviano and who, with his father, tried to return to native Palermo to attend to his idol’s last concert.

Aperitif on the terrace

Ore 19.00 | Spazio Detour

Rendez-Vous à Kiruna

Ore 20.00 | Cinema PORTOastra | Film in concorso

Italian Premiere
A phone call from the Swedish police convinces Ernest, a successful French architect, to undergo a long trip to Kirun, Sweden. He must identify the body of his own son, whom he has never met nor desired to meet. His convictions will eventually be shaken after his encounter with young Magnus, who will confront Ernest to an unknown part of him.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Ore 22.30 | Cinema PORTOastra | Omaggio all'autore

The Tenenbaums are a model family comprised of Royal (Gene Hackman), his wife Etheline (Anjelica Huston) and their three genius children; Richie (Luke Wilson), Chas (Ben Stiller) and Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow). Twenty years later, however, things have changed and the three siblings find themselves for the sudden come back of a supposedly ill Royal, exactly when Etheline is about to remarry.