Detour 2013

Detour. Travel Film Festival
Padova, 15/20 October 2013

This year’s edition is very rich in content: some thirty films on screen in six days of festival, a new section, Viaggio in Italia, besides the International competition, special events and homage to the author. We are particularly proud of the retrospective dedicated to Wes Anderson. One of today’s most significant directors, acclaimed by critics and beloved by audiences, in a few years this visionary film-maker has given us some marvellous personal works, populated by unforgettable characters who have now become part of our collective imagery. A unique occasion to see all of his films on the big screen.
For the second time, Detour will tell stories of travel, discovery, experience. Paths will be different and distant, at times linear, other times rugged, yet always led by the idea of exploring borders and creating a sort of personal catalogue of the imagery that cinema has built and continues to build around the extraordinary experience every journey holds within.

Marco Segato – Art Director


The call to participate in the International Competition was closed in June. This second year was again a success in terms of attention and adhesion: film entries came from twenty-seven different countries. The official selection will be announced in September.
Detour will open with a very special event: the premiere of River Water, documentary film by Paolo Muran and Nicola Pittarello, which tells of Giacomo De Stefano’s extraordinary journey and his project Man on the River. After spending many years working as an architect and project manager, Giacomo reinvented his life by setting off on a 5200 km journey from London to Istanbul on a small sail boat across the rivers of Europe, touching 15 countries over two years. Man on the River is a slow, sustainable journey to rediscover the roots of civilization when rivers were considered a source of energy and life. An exciting adventure inviting consumer society to a happy degrowth and a more harmonious relationship with nature. In Giacomo’s words: a journey in search of a new concept of world, economics, human relationships, a new way of touching Earth with gentleness and lightness.


This year’s Homage is paid to author Wes Anderson, popular contemporary director. Not a simple homage, but a complete retrospective, the first in Italy to show all his films, starting with his first two feature films – unreleased on Italian screens – Bottle Rocket (1996) and Rushmore (1998).
His films, rich in stylistic inventions, have in point of fact reinvented the comedy genre with their surreal and melancholic elements. His characters, often played by the same lot of actors (Owen and Luke Wilson, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman), compose an eccentric and bizarre human universe: they are frail and inadequate dreamers, outsiders at odds with their sui generis families and society. These anti-heroes try and follow their desires and solve their conflicts.
The festival also hosts a non-competing selection of important films by acclaimed authors, connected to the theme of the journey, from Roberto Rossellini to Jerry Schatzberg and Michel Gondry.
Awaiting the festival, Detour is hosting in September three days (18-20 September) of events at the Superflash Store Padova. Touring Club Italiano has organised a very interesting debate with Silvestro Serra, director of Touring, and Stefan Marchioro and Tino Mantarro, on the impact of film imagery on the touristic success of a place. A reading marathon will close the three days, with On the Road by Jack Kerouak and Booksharing.