Become a Volunteer

Collaborate with Detour. Travel Film Festival.

Detour. Travel Film Festival has arrived to its second edition: this young festival aspires to grow and place its successful experience at the territory’s service.

In order to meet this goal, your contribution as a volunteer will be fundamental and offer precious support to the organization.

The role of each volunteer is one of great relevance, as they will oversee and interact at the main information points, becoming reference for the audience including both Italian and foreign visitors.

For those who wish to collaborate in Detour. Travel Film Festival as a volunteer, the following roles are available:

- Welcoming visitors on the festival premises throughout the events;
- Guidance for guests and directors;
- Distributing information material;
- Involvement in logistics, management, arrangement and setting of spaces where the events of the Festival will take place, preparing welcome packets and gadgets for the guests.

Participating in the Festival as a volunteer represents a unique occasion to grow experience in diverse job roles and test your own autonomy and responsibility, important characteristics for the initiative’s preparation and success.


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