The Darjeeling Limited

A year after their father’s funeral, the Whitman brothers find each other in India on a special train, the Darjeeling Limited: Francis (Owen Wilson), the oldest of the three brothers, is recovering from an accident that has left its marks, Peter (Adrien Brody) is about to become a dad and Jack (Jason Schwartzman), the youngest, is a wannabe writer with a painful love story. Final destination of the journey, which Francis organized and promoted as a spiritual adventure of brotherly reunion, is in fact a convent at the foot of the Himalaya’s where their mother seems to live (Anjelica Huston).
When, due to inappropriate behaviour, the three brothers with their several suitcases, are thrown off the train by the steward, it’s the start of a new adventure on the road.
More than any of Anderson’s first five films, The Darjeeling Limited shows his universe to be that of a conservative avant-garde, a refined aesthetic that conveys a severe ethical code in which a failure of personal responsibility or of sensitivity is also a lapse in taste.
Anderson didn’t fight in wars and didn’t go looking for danger, but death and danger are nonetheless ambient in the intrepid high-wire intensity of the sensitive, blithely daring souls he depicts, in their exquisite and tormented varieties of love, their stringent code of honor, their absence of guilt but crushing burden of shame, and their fierce sense of responsibility to desire and pleasure.

Richard Brody (Criterion Collection)

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Color, 2007, 91′
Original Language: English

Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman
Director of Photography
Robert Yeoman
Andrew Weisblum
Production designer
Mark Friedberg
Costume designer
Milena Canonero
Mark Mothersbaugh
Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman, Anjelica Huston, Bill Murray, Irrfan Khan
American Empirical Pictures

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