Share the journey: your souvenir will become a work of art.
Small objects collected in your travels, objects which have the ability to carry your mind elsewhere, will become the focal point of sculptures/artworks to be awarded to the film festival winners.
If travel is one of humankind’s most irrepressible passions, then how to treasure it remains an arduous exercise. What drives us is not just the idea of finding ourselves outside of our normal routine or of being in constant motion with no specific goal, but rather something suspended exactly between these two aspects of travel. The essence of a journey is always ephemeral and elusive, almost beyond the journey itself; a precise sensation that no souvenir will allow us to reclaim.

Those who succeed in communicating the essence of their own journey – or of the concept of travel – perform a phenomenological task: through their testimony we are no longer able to read the world in banal dualities: here and elsewhere, us and them, known and unknown. Certainly they offer us the vision of a journey ‘as through a glass darkly’, like the feeling we have when we look up at the starry sky and ask: where do I belong amidst all this wonder.

So, how do we thank them; those who put the pieces together, allowing us a glimpse of the world through their eyes, from the safe comfort of our armchairs? If a work can communicate to us the deeply intimate spark of what it’s like to be or to leave for elsewhere, how can we return the favor?

A statuette with a plaque – a predictable form, the same for everyone, steeped in institutionalism – seems the absolute opposite of what we’ve received as we watched the film. 
The award for a travel film or documentary should be different: something that will give us, along with the prizewinner, a window with a view towards elsewhere. So, now we’re preparing something that is as close as possible to the intangible quality just described; searching for objects that can become an “aide-mémoire” for the future.

We would like to award the artists with small objects that are nonetheless capable of carrying the mind far away: stones from distant continents, objects found along the road, in markets or cafés. Things that carry with them the scintillating spark of the voyage.

Matthew Broussard + Paolo Fontana















Open Call:

This is an open invitation to all travelers. Selected objects will become the focal point of artworks to be awarded to the film competition prizewinners.
How to participate:

Post an image of your object/prize on the Facebook Page of Detour. Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Viaggio.

If your object is selected (date to be determined) you can send it the Festival’s central offices and we’ll pay the postage.

Matthew Broussard was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the U.S. Raised in Dallas Texas; he attended the arts magnet high school at Booker T. Washington, and completed his studies with a BFA in sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He spent several years wandering between the U.S. and Europe, finally taking up permanent residence in Italy in 1992. He now lives and works near Lago Maggiore, participating regularly in national and international exhibitions. He is represented by de freo galleries in Sweden and Berlin and his furniture can be seen at Mint Market in Milan. He has been the owner and director of the pocket gallery since 2001.

Paolo Fontana was born in Padua and after having received his degree in Industrial Design from Venice’s IUAV he apprenticed in several design studios. In 2004 he opened the graphics and design studio Signaletic. He works with visual identity, communication for the arts and architectural graphics. He is an image consultant for the March Foundation for Contemporary Art, co-founder of Macinino/Animation Studio and designer for several producers of furniture and home accessories.

Since 1991 has been producing furniture and home accessories and jewelry. For the Detour Film Festival 2013 they will make the objects/awards even more unique by creating the necessary supports and packaging.