Detour Travel Film Festival is organized by Associazione Cinerama, Via Quarto 18– 35138 Padova, Italy, tel +390497997670,


Journeys have always been tightly connected to every possible form of narration; the Festival aims at investigating its relationship with cinema, offering a series of films explicitly or implicitly connected to the theme: full-length feature movies and documentaries in which travelling is present by any of its possible declensions: escape, exile, migration, exploration, wandering, return journeys, discovery journeys, educational journeys, disorientation, crossing. Films that tell of distances, journeys, stop-overs. Different genres, from dramatic to road movie, from comedy to sci-fi.


The Festival’s eighth edition will be held in Padova and Abano Terme from the 20th to the 29th of March 2020.



The Festival is articulated in two main sections: International Competition, and Special Events.
Only feature films and documentaries can apply for the International Competition.

In order to be admitted, films must meet the following parameters:

  • Subject: films must address the theme of the journey by any or more of its possible declensions: escape, exile, migration, exploration, wandering. Different film genres, from dramatic to road movie, from comedy to sci-fi, can be admitted, if they tell about return journeys, discovery journeys, educational journeys, or also about disorientation, crossing, borders. The Artistic Direction will evaluate pertinence of the film to the theme.
  • Runtime: feature films must be longer than 60 minutes and documentary films must be longer than 50 minutes.
  • Completion date: films must have been completed after 31 December 2017.

Films in languages other than Italian must have Italian or English subtitles.


To apply for the International Competition, please fill out the submission form on our website:
Once the form has been filled out, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You must send 1 DVD copy of the film to the following address:
Via Quarto, 18
35138 Padova – Italy

Applications must be postmarked by Sunday 5 January 2020.

Alternatively, it is possible to indicate on the submission form the link and the password to watch the film on the web (for example Vimeo, Festivalscope, Cinando, ecc). Submission form with the link and the password to watch the film on the web must be done by Sunday 5 January 2020.
DVDs sent for selection purposes will not be returned and will be kept inside the archive of the Festival Organization.

No entry fee required – application is free.
Each author may submit a maximum of one work, completed after the date stated in art. 4.

Shipping of the works as well as costs for said operation are on the sender. Organization will not take charge or responsibility for possible loss, damage or stealing.

All material incoming from non-EU Countries must bear the following Customs declaration: “No commercial value. For Cultural purposes only”.

The selected films will be screened only once during the Festival, but the film that will win the prize of the Best Film will be screened a second time during the awards ceremony.


Artistic Direction of the Festival will examine all incoming works and grant admission to the International Competition to their selection, beyond dispute and on the basis of their artistic value and content.

Screening calendar and timings are to be scheduled by the Festival’s Organizers and will be communicated timely to the authors.

Foreign films will be presented in their original version with Italian subtitles.
Authors of selected films (excluding works in Italian language) must send, under penalty of exiting the competition and in accordance with deadlines set by the Organizers, a list of dialogues in Italian and/or English, for the realization of subtitles.

For the Festival’s general catalogue and promotional material, authors of the selected films will have to send, under penalty of exiting the competition and in accordance with the deadlines provided by the Organizers: complete artistic and technical sheet of the film; synopsis; director’s notes; director’s biography and complete filmography; images of the film – whose free publication is implicitly authorised – to be inserted in the Festival’s catalogue and given to the press; a photo-portrait of the author; posters, bills and any other available promotional material.

Festival’s Organizers may exercise the right to diffuse excerpts (max 3 min.) of the selected films, within the Festival’s promotional activities and at their own discretion, on TV channels (incl. satellite) and on the Internet, as well as on the Festival’s official website and other related sites (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…).

All shipping expenses are on the sender (both incoming and returning). Submitted copies are not covered by insurance, Organization will not take charge or responsibility for possible loss, damage or stealing occurring during transport or during the Festival.

Directors of selected films could be invited to participate in the Festival and will be our guests in Padova. Invitation to the film director is strictly personal. Travel expenses, only for the director, will be refunded after limits and modalities have been discussed with the Festival’s Organizers.


The Festival’s Director will nominate a qualified Jury to assign a prize of the Best Film in the International Competition section, and the Special Jury Award to the film that best interprets the idea of the journey.
During the Festival, audience too will be invited to vote and confer an Audience Award.


Application implies integral acceptation of the present rules. Any issue not foreseen and listed within this document will be decided upon by the Festival’s Organization.

Responsibility of the copies is on the Festival’s Organizers upon the moment of arrival at the Festival’s offices and until the moment of return. In case of loss or damage of the copy in our premises, the Festival’s responsibility will be in any case limited to the value of re-printing of the copy according to current rates in Italy.

This regulation is written in Italian and English. If any interpretative issue arises, the Italian version will be held correct.

The Festival’s Directors can decide of any issue not foreseen and listed in this regulation.
Any controversy will be discussed in the Court of Padova.

Jury, screening dates and all other general information will be published on the Festival’s official website: Any further information about the application and Festival’s Organization Office can be requested at the following address:


In accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Italian Privacy Code), you are here by informed that the personal details you supply by filling out the application form will be subject to processing operations on the part of Associazione Cinerama solely for institutional activities and will be used by the Festival’s organization office for the exclusive purpose of sending you information via e-mail.
Associazione Cinerama wishes to inform users that they are free to exercise their rights at any time under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. These include the right to be informed about the presence or absence of your details in our archives, as well as the rights to cancel, correct and update the details held.


Detour Travel Film Festival
c/o Cinerama
via Quarto 18
35138 Padova – Italy
tel +390497997670

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