Alberto Cancian

Saturday 30 March – h 17.30 • Detour Space


Alberto Cancian, creator and director of PordenoneViaggia presents his book The Journey of Joy. The story narrates about a human being who explores the meanders of the Amazon and of himself in search of happiness, but it is also the journey of happiness itself, which manifests itself to the seeker in the intimate sense of every experience. The desire of these pages is to make people travel, with the mind but, above all, with the heart.

Alberto Cancian was born in a plain land that in a few steps joins the mountain to the sea. After obtaining two degrees in the field of cultural tourism, he leaves for a long time. His travels in the Amazon and Asia will allow him to start discovering the world and happiness. His writings include: Colombia. Viaggio, di vita, La Missione. Storia dell’Istituto Missioni Consolata nel Caquetà e Putumayo e The Journey of Joy. Amazzonia.

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