“Journeys, magic caskets full of fantastic promises…”

Claude Lévi Strauss 


Talking about cinema is like talking about travelling. The festival’s movies will try to explore the theme of travelling in all its possible forms: escape, exile, migration, exploration, wandering, comeback, discovery, formation trips , disorientation and crossing.

A movie is always a journey that leads to unknown places and makes us live unbelievable situations, it offers us the opportunity to confront with ourselves and others, sometimes taking us to the limit of our own rationality. A journey is an experience.

Detour deals with all of these aspects considering every style, from fiction feature films to auteur documentaries, with a special attention towards both recent unreleased productions and the most famous movies made throughout the history of cinema. Making a festival is always a complex and exciting journey, made of good fellow adventurers.

The seventh edition of Detour Travel Film Festival will take place in Padua and Abano Terme from 20 to 29 October 2020 and will be organized by Cinerama.

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