Lezione di cinema – Francesco Bruni e Enzo Monteleone

Saturday 23 March – h 16.00 • Cinema Marconi


Enzo Monteleone and Francesco Bruni, filmmakers who have always put the journey at the center of their films, will lead a free admission meeting to talk to the public about stories, cinema and travels.



Francesco Bruni was born and grew up in Livorno. He began his career in 1991, co-scripting the film Condominio, by Felice Farina. From 1994 he collaborates on the scripts of the films of Paolo Virzì and Mimmo Calopresti. He has also worked with Franco Bernini (Sotto la luna), David Riondino (Cuba libre – Velocipedi in the tropics), Francesca Comencini (The words of my father), Spike Lee (Miracle at Sant’Anna), Roberto Faenza (I vicerè) and with the comedians Ficarra and Picone (Born tired, Il 7 e il 8, La matassa). For television he worked on the Commissario Montalbano series and wrote the film The Tunnel of Freedom, directed by Enzo Monteleone. In 2011 he made his directorial debut with Scialla, presented at the Venice Film Festival.

Enzo Monteleone began working in cinema during his university years as director of the University Film Center and of the CinemaUno cinema club in Padua. In 1986 he made his first screenplay: Hotel Colonial, an Italian-American production with Robert Duvall, John Savage, Rachel Ward and Massimo Troisi. He began a collaboration with Gabriele Salvatores, for whom he wrote four films: Kamikazen, Marrakech Express, Mediterraneo and Puerto Escondido. As a screenwriter he has worked with the most interesting directors of the new generation: Mazzacurati, Piccioni, D’Alatri and Cristina Comencini. In 1994 he made his debut in directing with La vera vita by Antonio H. In 2004 he directed The tunnel of freedom for television and co-directed 6 TV episodes of Il capo dei capi. In 2009 he returned to the cinema with Two games, an all-female film.. Among the latest works for TV, the film Walter Chiari – Until the last laugh and the film in two parts The Angel of Sarajevo.

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