La lingua del santo

Carlo Mazzacurati

Sunday 31 March – h 21.30 • Cinema PortoAstra


Willy, known as Alain Delon, looks at the lagoon, the only place where his mind becomes clearer. He, a former representative of luxury stationery, separated from Patrizia, the only woman in his life with whom he lived for 23 years and three months, slipped to the bottom and can no longer climb. He shares his destiny as a retired forty-year-old with Antonio, a rugby player, now only good at throwing a kick. Together they attend a sleazy bar and form an unscrupulous and clumsy couple of thieves. When, by chance, they have in their hands a relic of Sant’Antonio, their life seems destined to change thanks to a billionaire ransom.

Colour, 2000, 110’
Original language Italian

A film by
Carlo Mazzacurati
Carlo Mazzacurati, Umberto Contarello, Marco Pettenello, Franco Bernini
Alessandro Pesci
Paolo Cottignola
Ivano Fossati
Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Antonio Albanese, Ivano Marescotti, Isabella Ferrari, Giulio Brogi, Marco Paolini, Toni Bertorelli
Rodeo Drive, Medusa Film


Carlo Mazzacurati is an Italian director and screenwriter born in Padua in 1956. He is involved, in the “Cinema Uno” film club, founded by Piero Tortolina. In 1979 he produced his first medium-length film, Vagabondi, which won the distribution prize offered by Gaumont. He moved to Rome where he worked on various screenplays, including Marrakech Express, which became a film directed by Gabriele Salvatores. In 1987 he made his directorial debut with Notte Italiana, the first film produced by Nanni Moretti’s Sacher Film. In 1999 he worked with Marco Paolini, at the Ritratti, a series of dialogues with Mario Rigoni Stern, Andrea Zanzotto and Luigi Meneghello. In 2011 he was appointed President of the new Cineteca of Bologna Foundation. In 2013 he presented his latest film La Sedia della felicità, at the Torino Film Festival, where he received the Turin Grand Prix for his career. He died at the age of 57 after a long illness.

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