Manga Do. Igort e la via del manga

Domenico Distilo

Thursday 28 March – h 19.30 • Cinema PortoAstra


Two years after Japanese Notebooks, the comic book diary on his first trip to Japan, the Italian cartoonist Igort returns to the Rising Sun Country to take the Manga Do (the “Road of Manga”). At his side there’s director Domenico Distilo, ready to capture his thoughts. Pencil and watercolors in hand, Igort remembers his experiences and, observing an ancient Japan and being surrounded by nature, he reflects on the time and culture of a country so far away.

Colour, 2018, 60’
Original language  Italian, Japanese

A film by
Domenico Distilo
Domenico Distilo
Domenico Distilo
Andrea Maguolo
Stefano Guzzetti
Moon Jar Film, Sciara


Domenico Distilo (Rome, 1978) graduated in directing at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. His graduation film, Unexpected, is presented in 2006 at the Festival dei Popoli and the Berlinale. In 2011 he directed two documentaries for the RAI: Urban extremes – Jerusalem and Imaginary Rom – Artists against; in 2012, the documentary Margini di sottosuolo. The documentary Igort, the secret landscape, filmed in 2013, tells how the cartoonist has done his research for the creation of a trilogy about Soviet Union.

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