My Home, in Libya

Martina Melilli

Saturday, 30 March – h 21.45 • Cinema MultiAstra


Antonio Melilli is one of the 20.000 Italians forced to leave Libya in 1969, after the Gadhafi coup d’état. He was born and he grew up in Tripoli from the ’30s to the 60’s, when Libya was an Italian colony.
Starting from her grandfather’s memories, the director Martina Melilli draws a map of the city and its locations belonging to the past and she tries to relocate them in the present with the help of a young Libyan living in Tripoli, Mahmoud. Martina and Mahmoud have met only on internet but this new friendship reveals the difficulties of living in Tripoli and communicating with the world since the militia took over.

Color, 2018, 85’
Original language Italian, English
World Premiere Locarno Film Festival 2018

A film by
Martina Melilli
Nicola Pertino
Enrica Gatto
Nicola Ratti
Šimon Holý, Monika Midriaková,Paweł Szamburski
Stefilm – Edoardo Fracchia, Stefano Tealdi, Elena Filippini


Martina Melilli is born in the province of Padua on 1987. She’s a visual artist, filmmaker, translator and curator based in Milan. In 2014 she worked on promoting the language of documentary, founding the cultural association OnDocks, in Bari, Italy.
Her short movie Il quarto giorno di scuola premiered at the International Rotterdam Film Festival in 2016, and then it’s been screened in Albania, Italia, Argentina and Messico. She’s the winner of Artevisione in 2017(a project dedicated to young artists and curated by Sky Academy and Careof) with her film Mum, I’m sorry. My home, in Libya is her first documentary.

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