Scappo a casa

Enrico Lando

Friday 22 March – h 22.00 • Cinema Marconi


What counts for Michele is: to impress young women, to drive luxurious cars (not because he is the owner but because he works as a mechanic in the dealership that sells them) and to take care of his appearance. But destiny has in mind a devilish and hilarious revenge: when Michele goes to Budapest for work, he will be the victim of some tragicomic incidents and those bizarre encounters, unforeseen adventures and daring escapes are destined to revolutionize his life forever.

Colour, 2019, 92’
Original language Italian

A film by
Enrico Lando
Morgan Bertacca
Massimo Schiavon
Luigi Mearelli
Fabrizio Mancinelli
Aldo Baglio, Jacky Ido, Angela Finocchiaro, Hassani Shapi, Benjamin Stender, Fatou N’Diaye
Paolo Guerra, Angelo Laudisi


Enrico Lando (Padua, 1966) stands out at the Venice and Los Angeles Film Festivals with the short film It’s a Goat’s Life!. In 2009 he created and directed the television series The Usual Idiots which became the first phenomenon of the Italian web, so much so as to bring it, in 2011, to its cinematographic debut. In 2012 he made the second chapter The 2 usual idiots. In 2013 he directed the film Amici come noi. In 2016 his fourth feature film Quel bravo ragazzo is released and he realizes the medium-length film La storia dell’orso.

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