The Devil We Know

Stephanie Soechtig, Jeremy Seifert

Tuesday 25 March – h 22.00 • Cinema MultiAstra


Located in the hills of West Virginia, the city of Parkersburg is described by its inhabitants as an idyllic place to raise a family. It is also home of DuPont chemical plants that produces Teflon. A group of citizens bravely confronts the powerful multinational corporation after discovering that for decades it has thrown away a bio-persistent toxic substance into the local water supply. The Devil We Know tells the story of the use of C8 (PFOA), now present in the blood of 99.7% of Americans, revealing one of the greatest environmental scandals of our time.

Colour, 2018, 88’
Original Language English

A film by
Stephanie Soechtig, Jeremy Seifert
Rod Hassler
James Leche, Dan Reed, Brian Lazarte
Brian Tyler
Joshua Kunau, Kristin Lazure, Carly Palmour, Stephanie Soechtig


Stephanie Soechtig, award-winning documentary director and founder of Atlas Films, she is a member of the Sundance Institute Catalyst. Her previous films Under the Gun (2016) and FED UP (2014) were presented at the Sundance Film Festival and her debut Tapped was selected for major US festivals.

Jeremy Seifert directed the documentaries GMO OMG and DIVE! Living Off America’s Waste, winning over 30 awards at festivals around the world.

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