Torso Virile Colossale

Wednesday 27 March – h 21.00 • Cinema PortoAstra


Alessandro Grazian electric guitar • Nicola Manzan electric violin
Kole Laca keyboard • Emanuele Alosi drum machine, plates, drum roll
Luciano Macchia trombone

A vigorous music between soundtrack and voicing. A tribute in music to the great season of Italian peplum cinema of the ‘50s and ‘60s evoked through instrumental compositions that create a dialogue between musical genres. On the stage, alongside the founder of the project Alessandro Grazian, some of the most important names of the Italian independent music scene: Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta), Kole Laca (Il Teatro degli Orrori), Emanuele Alosi (Stella Maris) and Luciano Macchia (Ottavo Richter).

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