Il sorriso del gatto

Mario Brenta, Karine De Villers

Friday 29 March – h 18.00 • Cinema PortoAstra


Il sorriso del gatto (The cat’s smile) is a look at reality as it appears today in the streets and cities as an image of the crisis and decline of Western society in the era of globalization. Between extreme wealth and extreme poverty, between homologation and loss of identity, between reality and illusion, nothing but a great fable, a deception, a collective lie of which the representation of everyday life is nothing but the disquieting metaphor. Disturbing as the smile of Alice’s cat in wonderland.

Colour, 2018, 61’
Original language Italian

A film by
Mario Brenta, Karine De Villers
Mario Brenta
Karine De Villers
Brian Finatti
Francesco Bonsembiante, Jolefilm


Mario Brenta, director, screenwriter and director of photography, has directed numerous films presented and awarded at major film festivals, including: Vermisat (1974), selected for the Venice Film Festival, Maicol (1988) and Barnabo delle Montagne (1994) , both presented at the Cannes Film Festival, and the documentaries Calle de la Pietà (2010), Agnus Dei (2012), Corpo a corpo (2014), Black Light (2015) and Delta Park (2017), all co-directed by Karine De Villers.

Born in Quito, Ecuador and graduated in Archeology and Art History in Brussels, Karine De Villers began her collaboration with Mario Brenta in 2010; among her previous works, Je suis votre voisin (1990), Comme je la vois (2001), Luc de Heusch, une pensée sauvage (2007).

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