Treno di parole

Silvio Soldini

Friday 29 March – h 20.00 • Cinema PortoAstra


With this film, Soldini explores an extraordinary and little-known figure: Raffaello Baldini, journalist and writer, considered by many experts to be one of the greatest poets at the end of the 20th century, despite the risky choice of using the dialect of his town, Santarcangelo in Romagna, in his verses. The film brings to life the reality of a great poet through his gaze on the world and it explores what Baldini left us (writings, but also photographs, 8mm films, and his voice, that reads and tells his own poems) trying to define and understand his art.

Colour, 2018, 58’
Original language Italian

A film by
Silvio Soldini
Martina Biondi, Silvio Soldini
Sabina Bologna
Giorgio Garini
TVM Digital Media, Fondazione Cineteca Italiana


Silvio Soldini was born in Milan in 1958. At the age of 21 he moved to New York to study film at New York University; he returned to Milan, where he founded the production company Monogatari. He made his feature film debut with L’aria serena dell’ovest, presented in Locarno in 1990. The public has appreciated him for years for his intense and delicate films such as Pane e tulipani (2000), Le acrobate (1997), Brucio nel vento (2001 ), Giorni e nuvole (2007) and Il colore nascosto delle cose (2017). In addition to films, he has made numerous documentaries such as Per altri occhi (2013), Quattro giorni con Vivian (2008) and Il fiume ha sempre ragione (2017).

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