Saturday 17 October
at 5.00 pm | Pangea Bookshop

A new meeting organized by Detour. Travel Film Festival in collaboration with Pangea Bookshop. Saturday 17 October, from 5.00 pm, Marta Marcusi and Anna Trento, through a series ofvideos, installations and cartoneros books will introduce us to a new editorial world: the Editoriales Cartoneras. They will also present the project Caretera Cartonera.

«It is a journey and a project of documentary that starts from Italy and crosses part of Latin America, discovering Editoriales Cartoneras. From Venice airport we land at Sao Paulo, then we get down south, passing through Santa Maria (Brazil), Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. We take 7 buses, 1 ferry boat, travelling across 7532 kilometers, 5 cities and 4 countries, moving inside the huge network of Editoriales Cartoneras, which are groups of people who meet together in order to make books, rebinding them with cardboard they buy from cartoneros (the ones who resell abandoned cardboard). There are hundreds of these little publishing houses all over Latin America, from Chile to Mexico.»


Marta Mancusi, videomaker, and Anna Trento, photographer, are two 29-year-old girls that have been collaborating for a long time. After various learning and working experiences abroad, they now live in their city, Padua, where they work as freelancers. They both share the love for traveling and social issues, managing to combine their passion of discovering with the skill of narrating what’s new through stories, words and images, with the aim of making the audience get closer to distant realities that could be examples of change.


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