Literature from Far East: Chen Jiang Hong

Literature from Far East: Chen Jiang Hong

Saturday, March 30th, at 5 pm at the Pel di Carota bookstore, the Chinese artist Chen Jiang Hong presents his latest illustrated book: The little fisherman and the skeleton.

The story tells of little Tong, who, one day of black sky and stormy sea, catches a terrible skeleton, which chases him to the shore. Escaping is of no use and soon fear takes over. But sometimes appearances hide deep mysteries like the sea …
A moving illustrated book about altruism, transmission of knowledge, but above all of the immortality of affections.
A story that is scary but also has the comforting power of the fairy tale.



Chen Jiang Hong was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, where he has lived since 1987.
He often uses traditional painting techniques such as Indian ink and colors on silk and on rice paper. The result is very refined books that invite you to travel and dream.
His works have been translated all over the world and today he is considered one of the great masters of international illustration for childhood.


The meeting with the author is organized in collaboration with the Camelozampa publishing house. A small calligraphy workshop will conclude the afternoon. Reservations required.

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