Presentation of the book Appunti di Geofantastica

Presentation of the book Appunti di Geofantastica

Thursday 15 October
at 6.30 pm | Pangea Bookshop

The fourth edition of Detour. Travel Film Festival is happy to host, in collaboration with Pangea Bookshop, the presentation of the book Appunti di Geofantastica by Gianluca Caporaso and Sergio Olivotti, designer and illustrator. Appunti di Geofantastica, published by Lavieri, is the new book from the author of the successful I racconti di Punteville, a scrapbook with notes of an extraordinary traveller. A traveller who can grab the most intimate and secret stories of the cities he visits and builds with them a new fantastic and enlightening geography.


appunti di geofantastica


Appunti di Geofantastica 
Book by Gianluca Caporaso
Illustrated by Sergio Olivotti
Published by Lavieri edizioni
Year: 2015
Pages: 80 with illustrations

The book is travel through a fantastic but enlightening geography. The cities touched by Caporaso are real and have real names: Ischia, Casalbordino, Terralba, Corleone. A travel journal, sketched just like the moleskins of relentless travellers, is interpreted by an eclectic and inspired illustrator as Olivotti.

The narrative game is quite simple: why do these cities have those names? That’s the invitation of the author who doesn’t make an inaccessible area of his books but free workshops instead.
There are many cities in the world and each child will find a story, a right one if not a true one, that has led them to have those peculiar names.


Gianluca Caporaso lives and works in Potenza. He deals with solidarity, voluntary work and cultural planning. Before being a writer and a language explorer, he is firstly a reader. “I racconti di Punterville” was published by Lavieri and illustrated by Rita Petruccioli.

Sergio Olivotti (born in Loano in 1970, is an architect, designer and illustrator. He is author of school books and his works were published on: Na (magazine of graphic design of the University Sant’Ignazio of Loyola, Caracas) and Fake Plastic 5 (Irish magazine of graphic design).

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