Saturday 17 October // 2 pm – 6pm // Spazio Detour

Adventure and nature photography, or as we’d better call it, “geographic reportage”, is a transversal art that brings together an extraordinary adaptability, both professional and personal, towards an endless series of situations. First of all, we must learn how to travel in order to handle relationships with people of different cultures, upbringings and habits. At the same time we need to know how to move around with any imaginable mean of transport in an often unknown, if not hostile, geography, in an environment difficult to manage in terms ways and times. In order to bring home a good story to tell it’s important to be deeply prepared, to learn to respect “the elsewhere” and to work hard. This workshop will teach you how to move around in harmony and work in unusual places, using shooting techniques useful in any situation.

Davide Scagliola (Turin, 1967) started writing about music and local news for many local Italian newspapers before running into photography and reportage. He became journalist in 1989. Aged 20, he moved to Bangkok for some years. Living and working in London, Hong Kong and New York, he started cooperating with some magazines focused on geography, anthropology, traveling and adventure. He has visited more than 130 countries so far. Lately he is shifting his professional attention on multimedia reportage, co-working for the realization of documentaries and videos related to international subjects. He is a partner of Parallelozero.


Participation fee is 40 € and registration is compulsory. To register, please fill in the form (link) and send it with a copy of the bank transfer to this address

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